Community Center


Looking for a hall to rent for an event you are planning?  The Allouez Township Community Center, which is located at 388 Bumbletown Road, Allouez, MI 49805, is ideal for all occasions.  It has a capacity for up to 100 people, and includes the use of tables and chairs, and a kitchen.

Security Deposit & Rental Fee

Rental fee is $150 per day for your event (non-refundable*).

In addition to the $150 per day rental fee there is also a $100 security deposit, which is due when you book your event. This security deposit will be refunded upon returning the key as long as there are no damages, or cleaning that is necessary, after your departure. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

How do I begin the rental process?

  1. Please email or call Julie at 906-337-2302 to inquire if your date is available.
  2. You will  need to pay via check or cash at Allouez Township Hall — 102 Second Street, Mohawk, MI 49950-0064 between 10am-3pm Tuesday or Thursday to fully reserve your date.

Now what?

  1. Pick up the key between 10am-3pm Tuesday or Thursday from the Allouez Township Hall — 102 Second Street, Mohawk, MI 49950-0064
  2. Host your event, following the building rental rules.  At the conclusion of your event, lock the building and return the key to township office.
  3. Providing there is no damage, we will return the security deposit.

* Should you need to cancel your event, your $150 is refundable per our contract if you cancel within a certain time period.


Opening hours

Available to Rent for your Next Event